Sunday, May 27, 2012

Code Academy Week 7 & Beyond

Another week has flown by at an even faster pace than the previous one.  It is crunch time for many of the students who are looking to build something amazing to present for demo day.  I made the decision to stick to my guns and work on Reading Glue going forward.  Unfortunately I have not heard from anyone who would be interested in making this a product that would get presented on demo day.  I sent another email trying to rally up some last minute support, but until now the only reply I have heard is the sounds of crickets chirping.  I could really use the front end help.  My focus is on the backend, and I really do not have the time to focus on design or learning any of that at this point.  If I do not have any takers in the next couple weeks, then I will likely just use crowd sourcing for the design based on some wireframes I have put together.  I think that will be good enough to get a MVP released and start testing the waters at the end of Code Academy.

Speaking about the end of Code Academy... I have already been plotting out my plans for what I will tackle when this quarter is done.  The Chicago Lean Startup group is kicking off their Lean Startup Challenge soon.  I am working on my application and will submit it this week.  I feel that the lean Startup Challenge would be an unbelievable learning experience for me.  Lean startup principles are not new to me, and to some point I have implemented them in customer development activities I carried out a few months ago.  I figure luck has been on my side the past year when you consider winning 3rd prize in the Global Education Challenge and getting accepted into Code Academy. Regardless if Reading Glue gets accepted into the Lean Startup Challenge or not, I still plan on hitting the grindstone hard this summer.  It is an exciting time to be me right now.
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