Sunday, May 20, 2012

Code Academy Week 6

I just completed my 6th week of Code Academy, and have pretty much covered many of the basics needed to build a fully functional web app.  As I have learned new things in class, I have tried to implement them into the version of Reading Glue that I was building.  About once a week I would decide to rebuild most of the app just to get the practice of doing the same programming steps over and over.  This week I decided to not only rebuild the app, but I also rethought how I wanted it to function.  In the past I just jumped into coding without really thinking about the app architecture in great detail.  This time I spent about 3 hours laying out my models and really thinking about how everything would function together.  What I found is that the actual programming goes by so quickly once you have really thought through and planned out what you want to build.  This is a valuable lesson, that I will be sure to never forget.

Also this week we found out how Demo Day is going to work.  Basically Code Academy is going to let students form teams on their own, and 20 teams will pitch on Demo Day.  After the meeting, students gathered in the north classroom to pitch their idea.  I had not planned it at all, but I decided to pitch Reading Glue.  I figured it would be fun to team up with some other people and see what we could make.  I was even hopeful that I might find someone that may turn into a future co-founder.  Unfortunately my pitch was awful.  No seriously, it was brutal.  I tripped over my words.  I stuttered through my explanation of what Reading Glue is.  You would have thought that I had no clue what I was talking about.  We only had thirty seconds, I was extremely tired, and for some reason I was very nervous.  Enough with the excuses.  Ultimately nobody stopped by to discuss my idea afterwards, or has contacted me since.  There were a couple ideas that seemed interesting, but those teams were pre-formed or had formed very quickly.  I am a bit worried at the end of the day I might get left out of a group for the Demo Day pitches.  I am not at 1871 but two days a week, and really do not know anyone outside my own class.  I will probably send a mass email out explaining what I am looking to build for Reading Glue and what I really need help with.  I will also let people know I am open to helping them out from the development side for their ideas.  Hopefully something works out, because I really want to be part of the experience of building something amazing and presenting on Demo Day.
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