Sunday, May 6, 2012

Code Academy Week 4

Four weeks have past and I have the skill set to build the most basic of web apps.  I went into this experience wanting to learn the skills I would need to launch a MVP of Reading Glue.  Although that is still the overall goal, I have found that I really enjoy programming.  I love the challenges and problem solving skills needed to build a great application.  It is so similar to the skills I use in my full time job, and is one of the reasons I have enjoyed that job so much for the past 10 years.  Launching a MVP of Reading Glue is still my priority, but I have an itch to look into a career change as a developer.

This week we were hammered with the concept of CRUD.  If you can handle those requests, then you can build an app.  The last thing I need to learn is user accounts and how models (databases) can relate to each other.  I feel that once I have these skills down, then there is going to be no stopping me.  To see what I have worked on to date, you can check out
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