Sunday, April 29, 2012

Code Academy Week 3

Another week has passed.  Has it really been 3 weeks already?  This week continued with us building apps using rails.  The important thing we learned this week was building apps that pull data from a model (database).  I learned how to submit form data that can add or update information in my model.  I also can delete info from the model.  I immediately used these new skills to rebuild the Reading Glue library app.  I can view a summary list of all titles in the library.  The information is all dynamic and will automatically update as the database changes.  I can click a title and view all relevant information about that book title.  As with the library summary list, this information is all dynamic.  I added functionality to allow an admin to add a new book, update the details about a book, or delete a book if needed.  In the next day or two, I plan to start adding some search tools to the library.

I am looking forward to what I am sure is going to be taught to us this week in regards to relating models to each other.  This will be helpful so I can start building the functionality to allow a user to add a specific title to their account.

Overall I feel like I am keeping pace.  I don't have a lot of the commands memorized yet.  I am sure that will happen over time as I type them over and over.  I still find myself looking back at my notes for specific command details, but I feel pretty confident in my knowledge and understanding on the general structure of a rails app.  Although I feel pretty comfortable understanding how the routes work, I do have some questions as it relates to paths.  My mentor introduced me this week to using the actual path to link to different pages in my app rather than using the http address.  This is pretty straight forward for general pages, but when you start using params data in the path, then I am getting a bit confused.  I know this is a bit ahead of where we are in class, so maybe my teach Jeff is able to break it down for us where I can understand it a little better.  I would have never thought that in three weeks I would have the skill set to build this much.  Not only do I have the skill set to build these tools, but my mindset and thinking patterns are starting to change.  I seem to have programming and code on my mind 24/7.  It certainly is not a bad thing.

Time management of everything is still hit or miss.  It is really hard juggling class, study time outside of class, a full time job, and being a full time father / husband.  It is only going to get harder in the coming weeks, so I know I am going to need to make some adjustments to allow everything to work without one obligation going up in flames.  So far my family has been awesome during this experience.  Julie is usually the one who gets shafted out of spending time with me.  I have a lot of making up to do on Mothers Day and after this class is over.
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